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Star Trek – Dregs of the Federation

Hey everyone! Do you like role-playing games? Do you like Star Trek? Well if you do, you should check out this new campaign I’m taking part in run by my good friend Keab42

The idea is our group is on the most run-down, dilapidated ship still in the fleet, the USS FRANklin, and our characters have been given this terrible assignment to keep us from causing trouble for the rest of Starfleet.

I play the Chief Engineer, Lt Cmdr Vernon Lloyd, who is best described as a genius in the wrong direction (think a mixture of Doc Brown and Discworld’s Bloody Stupid Johnson).

The sessions run monthly on keab’s twitch channel, and so far we’ve had a character creation session and one mission, where we learned about wheat-based anomalies and the usefulness of warp-speed toast.

I’ve also been writing in-character logs to fill the time in between sessions, and you can expect them to appear on this site for everyone to read! More of them to come soon.

In the meantime, I hope you’ll check out Dregs of the Federation – I’ve had a ton of fun with it already and looking forward to more. You can find the streams archived on Keab’s youtube channel – links are below.

Character creation

Session 1