Farscape Rewatch Episode 38 – The Locket


Season 2 Episode 16

After last week’s bizarre antics, it’s back to business as usual for the crew of Moya. Oh, except that while travelling through a stellar mist Aeryn has aged 165 cycles, and John soon follows suit. Join CWH and Red as they try to untangle this ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey…stuff.

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One thought on “Farscape Rewatch Episode 38 – The Locket”

  1. I have listened to every podcast. I enjoy them, which doesn’t mean I agree with everything I hear. Sometimes I disagree. You may have heard me yelling at my computer. Yeah, that was me. Farscape is a character driven show, not that big on the physics. Having said that, I vaguely remember reading somewhere, maybe more than one, that their may be different physical laws elsewhere in the universe. Anyhow, many times I have wanted to leave a comment for prior episodes but always think better of it. Keep the podcasts coming. I look forward to them. But something tells me I’ll be yelling at my computer quite a bit till the final episode.

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